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Sadistic Grimness


2000 - 2001
SADISTIC GRIMNESS was spawned in 2000 by three deranged individuals, DD Executioner (vocals/guitars), J. Demiser (drums) and Robert Carnifex (bass), who had an urge to create something sinister and filthy in the old vein of black and death metal.

After some rehearsals things began to take form, and the result was a bloodstained deviation. Shortly before the recording R. Carnifex left due lack of interest in the band but DD and J. Demiser kept on going and marched towards the darkness. The first release crawled out from the worm infested womb of Impaler of trendies productions (R.I.P) the same year under the name “From heaven to the abyss”.

In 2001 S.G had made their sepulchral voices heard with the first assault. A decision was made, to continue and record the upcoming funeral hymn. With some back up from Master Motorsåg (Bestial mockery), DD Executioner and J. Demiser once again triumphed in disgust and the second demo was unleashed under the name “Bleed for the goat” on Goat productions.

Later on a 7” split was planned with the dutch maniacs Kerberos (“Split cunt of virgin Mary”). 3 tracks were recorded with the same line up, this time with a more aggressive sound and more fitting production.

2002 - 2004
An old comrade R. Fleshripper was recruited to the band to take care of the bass duties. With new songs S.G changed their direction and evolved into a more death metal oriented band than before. Infernus Rex showed their interest and released the “Vicious torture” Compiliation CD in 2004 which included 6 new tracks + the two first demos.

The split with Kerberos still hadn’t been released but finally in 2004 Ordealis Records from France took the responsibility and spread the wax in 333 copies.

2005 – 2007
After a lot of challenges with finding dedicated members and other unpleasant curses, C. Carnivore (Auberon) joins the horde on guitar. S.G finally arose from the crypt and unleashed the “Rotting in solitude” promo in 2007 which gave a positive feedback.


New members have been recruited: E. Violator (Guitars), the circle is now withdrawn after a lot of negative spirals.
The Russian legion Daemon Worship Productions released the debut album entitled “Asteni” in February of 2009.

Taste Darkness here - Sadistic Grimness "Razormania".
...And another cut - Sadistic Grimness "The Birth".

Actual line-up:

DD Executioner - Vocals
C. Carnivore - Guitar
J. Demiser - Drums
R. Fleshripper - Bass
E. Violater - Guitar

"From heaven to the abyss" demo tape (2000)
"Bleed for the goat" demo tape (2001)
"Vicious torture" CD (2004)
"Split cunt of virgin mary" split 7" w/ Kerberos (2004)
"Rotting in solitude" promo tape (2007)
"Asteni" CD (2009)

Sadstic Grimness - Black Death Blasphemy

You may find some live videos here

Sadistic Grimness

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