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/DWP001/ PEST - "Blasphemy Is My Throne"

DWP proudly presents this jewel of Swedish Black Metal. A masterpiece, proven by years of worship, now available again, limited only to 1000 copies with a new cover and layout by Necro himself. Originally released on vinyl by Bloodstone Entertainment (Blood005) in 2002. A year later, the same label released a CD-version (Blood005SE) with a different mix on three of the tracks and with two bonus tracks taken from the 1999 demo "Black Thorns".
This CD the third edition contains the original vinyl material, without being remastered and without bonus tracks. The way it was and the way it shall be... The only thing that is altered is the artwork/layout, since the original photos have been lost over the years.


Pest - Pure Swedish Black Metal

Pest - Blasphemy Is My Throne



From bleak and funeral emptiness comes forth SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Do you feel this rotten stench from beyond the grave? This suffocating, blinding and devouring stench of desolation and death.... It surrounds you and gets through you, infecting your soul with ancient fear and bloodfreezing terror. Where graves burst wide open and legions of the dead arise and prowl the earth in their morbid lust for FLESH, where endless horizons are flooded with blood and gore, where you can no longer distinguish life from death or day from night, stands SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Drawing influences from the most ancient of Death Metal Cults and the darkest of Black Metal Hordes, they represent the malevolent force of real Death Metal; wicked and grim, atrocious and painful. OUT NOW! Officially presented on 06.03.09.

Sadistic Grimness - The Official Slaughterpage.

Sadistic Grimness - Asteni



Four years have passed since the original release of "To Gaius!", the debut album of Belgium's most infamous Black Metal formation: PARAGON IMPURE. In the fall of 2007 German cult label Blut Und Eisen unleashed the highly-anticipated 12" gatefold LP, including two re-recorded demotracks as a bonus. Due to its limited quantity it rapidly became a collector's item, and thus Daemon Worship agreed upon the release of a final, digipak version of the album.
Aggressive yet melodic, nerve wrecking yet hypnotising, bone chilling yet warming the heart of every true libertine, "To Gaius!" is eternally dedicated to the life and death of Roman emperor Gaius 'Caligula' Caesar. Often described as a tribute to the villains of ancientry, PARAGON IMPURE possesses everything a Black Metal devotee may desire: grim and mesmerizing vocals, freezing guitar tone and monotonous yet ever effective drumming.
Light the black candles, raise the blood-filled chalice and let your soul be corrupted by the haunting sphere of "To Gaius"! OUT NOW!

Paragon Impure - To Gaius!


/DWP005/ CORPUS CHRISTII - "Saeculum Domini"

More info later.

Corpus Christii


/DWP006/ SAURON - "The Channeling Void" Gatefold LP

I shall open their eyes and turn them from light to darkness and from the power of god to Satan so that they may receive forgiveness of sin and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Him!

Over two and a half years have passed since the initial release of this jewel of pure Satanic Art on a CD by a great Swedish label Carnal Records. Since then, it has become an object of worship for many, including myself. Being the third and the final album, "The Channeling Void" stands as an epitaph to the cult of terror, blasphemy and hate, a refined diamond of ultimate zealotry and occult arts, that is SauroN. The line-up of this unity always remained the same:

Herr AIDS: Bassquakes
Sunless: Deathsaw
Ludas: Blastphemy
Eklipse: Throat & Deathsaw

I am the Channeling Void in all you gave life, know my path!

And since the start, SauroN.Death.Squad delivered its utterly wicked audial violence, with every album moving even further, widening the old and opening new horizons of Darkness. And while every creation of SauroN's black will is a masterpiece, "The Channeling Void" was chosen to be released on a noble gatefold LP with an exclusive bonus track as a tribute to the Cult. :DWP: is honoured to serve as a host to one of the best and the sickest congregations, ever spawned by the void! Let the Beast be unleashed!

SauroN "TCV" LP photos.

SauroN - The Official Myspace.
SauroN.Death.Squad - "The Channeling Void" reviews.


/DWP007/ FUNERAL GOAT - "Mass Ov Perversion"

From the darkest depths, from the deepest caverns ov unexistence, the unholy prayers for the coming ov the Lord echo and thunder high and low. Eternally dedicated to the glory of our Master, FUNERAL GOAT is a channel of His will. This unholy entity, summoned by His loyal servants, - HerrAIDS and Ludas - manifests itself in a form of pure Orthodox Devilworship! No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!

Raw primitive Goatworshipping insanity! Unleashed by DWP on CD on the 14th of august 2009 and early next year on a noble gatefold LP. Officially licensed to Ars Funebris (FRA) for a tape edition, strictly limited to 100 copies, released in 2011 (AFR046).

Funeral Goat "Mass Ov Perversion" LP photos.

"Communion ov the Black Lord - prayers are spoken backwards for the glory of our Master!"

Funeral Goat - The Official Myspace.

Funeral Goat - Mass Ov Perversion


/DWP008/ INSULT - "Abysmal Incantations"

INSULT, hailing from Sweden, was born in 2004, as a manifestation of sinister and hateful spirit of Old-School Death Metal in its (im)purest form! At the moment the band is writing new anthems, and, in preparation for the forthcoming full-length attack, a pact was signed with DAEMON WORSHIP PRODUCTIONS to release both of the band's official demos - "Decree" and "Axiom" - on a single CD, to finally make them available to wider audience. Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, INSULT proudly marches forth, crushing everything to dust! 11 hymns of (im)pure blasphemy - "Abysmal Incantations" - OUT 14.08.2009!

The Insult Myspace.

Insult - Abysmal Incantations


/DWP009/ MATRICIDE - "Morning Star"

MATRICIDE is dead. Dead for 10 years now. Existing for a short period of time, it nonetheless left a notable legacy of "Black Mass Gathering" and "Holy Virgin". Yet the final recording of the band, an EP entitled "Morning Star", never made it to a physical release. Originally it was intended to be unleashed via the legendary German label Sombre Records, but those plans were foiled by the death of the label owner and the EP was buried along with him. Until now. Daemon Worship is glad to announce the long-overdue 7'' release of "Morning Star"! Excavated out of the oblivion, MATRICIDE is once again to roam the Earth!


MATRICIDE - Morning Star


/DWP010/ ARFSYND - "Arfsynd"

DWP is proud to announce the release of the first album by ARFSYND, featuring Perditor of the ORCIVUS' fame! The album was produced by the artist himself and mastered at Necromorbus studio, so expect a unique and deep sound! Featuring a variety of tempos, sincere, dark and haunting vocals, Perditor's exquisite and already well-known melodies, ARFSYND follows a different yet just as noble path. Lyrics, entirely written and performed in archaic Swedish, give this album a special dimension, a special feeling, which, the author felt, could only be manifested through the use of his mother tongue. Thus, as you read this message, the ARFSYND's first and eponymous album is finally available for the ears of the eager! CD version out through DWP in July 2010. LP version out through Black Devastation Records in February 2013.

Arfsynd - The Official Myspace.

ARFSYND - Arfsynd


/DWP011/ LIKBLEK - "Likblek"

After a long and painful delay, LIKBLEK's first offering is at last ready to be released! This Swedish fourpiece features DK from the classic Death Metal band SACRILEGE, Death Thrashers TAETRE and many other bands, Getaz of Black Metal Cults KILL and NECROPLASMA, Thunderbolt from Classic Death Thrashers SWORDMASTER (now-Deathstars) and Larsson from STYGGELSE. Expect well-recorded yet raw and violent Black Metal with thrashy riffs now and then! Recorded and mastered at Studio Decay (KILL, among others), these 8 hymns to violence and darkness are done in the traditional old-school Scandinavian fashion, bringing to mind KILL, CRAFT and DARKTHRONE, yet not copying them in any way. Crowned by almost fully hand-drawn layout, brought to flesh through pain and tortures by our very good friend mr. Held! Let Chaos be unleashed!!

Likblek - The Official Myspace.

LIKBLEK - Likblek


/DWP012/ ODEM - "Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve"

DWP is proud to announce the FIRST official release of this merciless onslaught by the ascending beasts of Russian Black Death Metal - ODEM. Originally spread as a promo in 2010, it was quickly sold out and thus the band signed a pact with DWP, to re-release and re-invent the Avalanche of Hatred and Destruction, that is "RYGAPFR", with a completely new layout and with newly desecrated sound. Dissonant riffs, played with Diabolical precision, building immense structures upon the carcass of machine gun percussion.

"ODEM's style of blackened death is akin to a wall of volcanic stone and ash that burns away your humanity... "Rape Your God" is a grim and merciless supernova of speed and destruction!" / Brad of Nocturnal Cult

Immersion. OUT NOW!

> Odem <



/DWP013/ SERPENT NOIR - "Sanguis XI"

SERPENT NOIR was spawned by the true dark magick, infused with and awakened by the power of the Draconian Current. The true followers of the Left Hand Path, SERPENT NOIR chose Black Death Metal as its vessel and thus shines in its destructive grace, representing the Cult of Black Metal as it was meant to be! This is a channel of Qliphotic energies unto this world. The Dragon, rising within, unchained and raging! Invocations of the Black Sun. The Alchemy of the Black shimmering Diamond. Black Magick, manifesting in a form of Ritualistic Black Death and channeling the chaotic essence of Sitra Ahra into this world!

CD version via Daemon Worship in 2010, 2nd CD version released in 2011, MC release through Adverse Order Music in 2011, gatefold LP version via Hellthrasher in 2013.

SERPENT NOIR - The Official FaceBook.



/DWP014/ NECROSADIST - "The Alpha Nihil"

DWP is proud to announce the release of this odious beast, this revolting mass of pure unadulterated hatred upon the corrupted world!

Clocking close to 16 minutes in total, this EP offers a different perspective on the band, than the upcoming album. Starting with a vicious and eviscerating piece of pure violence that is "Day Of Dissolution" and finishing with an atmospheric and crushing "The Alpha Nihil", the release features a wide spectre of shades of Purest Hell. The unrelenting assault of drums, played by Menthor (also known from CORPUS CHRISTII), accompanied by razorblade-sharp chainsaw guitars and prominent thundering bass are completed with the possessed screams of a madman, that is the band's voice, Dictator. NECROSADIST is RAW NECRO VIOLENCE! Are you ready, filthy worms?

Both tracks are unique to this release only and neither of them appears on the upcoming full-length, "Abstract Satan". Presented on 7" black vinyl limited to 500 copies. Packaged in a full-colour jacket and printed inner sleeve. OUT NOW!

"And thus I dive once again... Gazing deep into the Abyss"

R A W   N E C R O   V I O L E N C E

: Necrosadist :

NECROSADIST - The Alpha Nihil


/DWP015/ VERBUM VERUS - "Melkiresha"

VERBUM VERUS was born in the Netherlands as a union of souls in celebration of their darkest beliefs. Three individuals channeling their devotion into sinister psalms to the Lord. The great work which was made over several years now finally sees its completion in "Melkiresha"! Six songs of praise - six rituals - six hymns to the Lord to be unleashed upon the world!

"Melkiresha" was captured in 2010 at Double Noise studio in Tilburg and mastered at the unholy Necromorbus. The artwork was created through the masterful hands of Manuel Tinnemans aka Comaworx (DEATHSPELL OMEGA, NECROS CHRISTOS, WRATHPRAYER, SAURON, PENTACLE & others) and arranged by Ludas (SAURON, FUNERAL GOAT).

CD released through DWP on Samhain 2012, followed by the LP version in 2014. In His Praise!

VERBUM VERUS - Melkiresha


/DWP016/ BESTIA ARCANA - "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu"

At long last! The Foul Hymns of the Adversary are ready to be unleashed! Dissonant and chaotic Black Metal merged with suffocating Dark Ambient landscapes. "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu" is a blood-stained monument to death and disharmony. Psalms of the Lord, sung through the mouth of the Beast. Delirious visions from the beyond through the eyes of a leper. Oh, Lord! Lead us now into ruin! Lead us into the glorious radiance of Perdition's light!

The album was recorded in 2008 at a local studio, mixed at Flatline Audio and supposed to be released the same year, but due to the original label's demise it didn't happen. Now, after several years of delays, it is finally time for "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu" to be released!

Tape version released through Silcharde Prod. in 2012. 12'' gatefold DLP version out via Osmose Prod. in 2014.

Samples available here.


BESTIA ARCANA - To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu


/DWP017/ DØDSENGEL - "Visionary"

Very few albums indeed manage to capture the Luciferian essence so well, as the debut DØDSENGEL CD. Coming from Ålesund, this band unifies the spirit of Norway with the sincerity and devotion, that the birth-country of Black Metal nowadays lacks. DØDSENGEL's "Visionary" offers a cold and furious storm of pure darkness and hatred for the Demiurge and his flawed creation, built upon chaotic, yet flawless, song structures and blackest magick, that dwells within its every single note.

The band went on to release several more albums and EPs since then, but the first album still stands aside for me. It might lack the producing quality of the releases, that followed, but the amount of raw energy it houses is simply outstanding. The moment I first put the original CD edition of "Visionary" into my audio system I felt the incredible darkness and the potential it has within. The torrent of energy it unleashed simply blew me away! That's why we are so proud to announce, that Daemon Worship Productions was selected to give a proper CD release to this masterpiece! With enhanced sound and the full version of "Void", previously only available on the LP version, as well as the coverart by Naas Alcameth of the NIGHTBRINGER fame, "Visionary" is truly a jewel of the Blackest Art!

DØDSENGEL is the elevated man, who sought power in the Void.


DODSENGEL - Visionary


/DWP018/ THE ASCENDANT - "The Spiritual Death EP"

THE ASCENDANT's debut EP was finally unleashed in April 2012 through Daemon Worship Prod, after countless delays. "The Spiritual Death EP" gathers 13 minutes of Transcendental Black Metal composed and performed by Daniel (EXCESSUM) and Lars (MARDUK) with the aid of K.W. (AD HOMINEM) on vocals. Conceptually dealing with Transmutation and Spiritual Death, it is somewhat ironic that this EP was recorded already back in 2007 and only now, half a decade of semi-constant movement and transformation later, it is ready to manifest. Beware! Black Metal shall not be reborn this time either. Released first as a 7'' and now followed by an MCD version, designed to look exactly like a mini copy of the vinyl.


THE ASCENDANT - The Spiritual Death EP


/DWP019/ SEKTARISM - "Le Son des Stigmates" [DigiCD]

"Le Son des Stigmates" is a religious gem of drone, doom, experimental and improvised music. Inspired by the spiritual way of life and views of The Apostles of Ignominy (members of MALHKEBRE & DARVULIA). A hard work of five years to give birth to 3 tracks, resulting from suffering, pain & anguish of four human beings from France. After an MCD & 2 demo tapes, we are proud to present you the first full-length of this occult assembly, a masterpiece of musical dark art! Entirely recorded at SONIC CHAOS in February 2011. A new key to enter in the selective world of Satanic Doom Ritual!

Presented as a 6-panel digipack with a 20-page booklet. Handnumbered and limited to 999 copies worldwide. A co-release between Daemon Worship and Necrocosm / Zanjeer Zani.

An edited sample from "Hosanna Sathana" is available here.

Released: 20.04.2012.


SEKTARISM - Le Son des Stigmates


/DWP020/ NECROSADIST - "Abstract Satan"

NECROSADIST "Abstract Satan" debut full-length album was unleashed on 11.11.11 through a conspiracy between Daemon Worship Productions, Temple of Flesh and Blood Harvest Records.

"Abstract Satan" is a proper head-first initiation into the abyss of NECROSADIST; a forty-six minute blistering deluge of Raw Necro Violence. Serpentine, dynamic song structures gnarling and twisting together titanic, gargantuan riffs, intense blasting machinegun violence, slit-throat vocals that are vomited - not sung, obscure and hypnotic atmospheres, chaotic, wailing guitar solos screaming from the netherworlds and hints of occult psychedelia - all pointing in the only direction possible: downwards towards Hell. Featuring lyrical contributions courtesy of KHZ (BESTIA ARCANA, MALCHIRA) and MkM (AOSOTH, ANTAEUS). You are nothing but flesh.

1. Indoctrination [2:14]
2. Abstract Satan [4:30]
3. Rising from the Earth [6:13]
4. Golems of Flesh [4:09]
5. Obsidian Sphere (Psychotic Revelations) [6:13]
6. From the Virulent Entrails of the Virus Christ [6:12]
7. Lies of Repent Turning Red [5:08]
8. Hate Manifest [11:52]

The 3-label co-release comes as a CD. A vinyl record version featuring an alternative layout released later by Blood Harvest.

: Necrosadist :

NECROSADIST - Abstract Satan


/DWP021/ ISRATHOUM - "Black Poison and Shared Wounds"

The trio of Arvath, VxInfr and W.uR delivers a devastating blow with this crushing recording! Three years after "Monument of Brimstone", ISRATHOUM is back, venomous and corrupt. An attack against all. A rebellious hymn of the possessed. Violently revolting mass of poisonous black hatred.... Black Metal refined to perfection.

"BP&SW" is out now through Daemon Worship Productions!

The Unravelling Traveller (lyrics by Kvohst)
The Presence, The Baying

Israthoum Myspace

ISRATHOUM - Black Poison and Shared Wounds


/DWP022/ SNAKESKIN ANGELS - "Witchchapel"

We're proud to announce, that the debut MCD of SNAKESKIN ANGELS was unleased by DWP on the 26th of March! Luciferian Rock'n'Roll from Gothenburg, performed by the members of SWORDMASTER, DOMGÅRD, NOX AUREA, TAETRE, LIKBLEK & STYGGELSE. After the killer "Follow the Snake to the Core" demo, the band certainly didn't stop and only gained its diabolical momentum, which was further strengthened by a series of successful gigs around the Gothenburg area. Serpentine prayers, with clean vocals and catchy riffs, clad in cold reptile skin. Join the Devil's Thrust!

First 100 copies come with a special woven patch!

>Threefaced Saviour<




/DWP023/ SERPENT NOIR - "Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness (Open Up The Shells)"

One more step into the flames of Sitra Ahra... Falling deeper into the Qliphoth, to reach the dream of Red Dragon.

CD (2012) & LP (2016) OUT NOW!

Listen to the whole album and order it at BandCamp.



/DWP024/ SVARTIDAUÐI - "Flesh Cathedral"

All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity.

Recorded at Manus Nigra Studios in the early winter of 2011, Flesh Cathedral is an epic journey through labyrinthine nightmares and hallucinogenic initiation. Chronicling years of meditative abuse of body and mind, bearing the fruit of turmoil and transcendental decadence. As the debut full length of SVARTIDAUÐI, the Flesh Cathedral stands as a monument of transfigurations and apocalyptic lust.

Cross the borders of nightmares...
...venture into the sphere of whorrors...
...enter the Flesh Cathedral.

This bastard is released in an arrogant alliance between Daemon Worship and Terratur Possessions.

CD (SOLD OUT) release date: 03.12.2012.
DigiCD & DLP out on 08.09.2013.

>>Flesh Cathedral<<


SVARTIDAUDI - Flesh Cathedral


/DWP025/ AB IMO PECTORE - "The Dissociative Path"

AB IMO PECTORE flourishes from a boundless core without shape, breathing hostility. Mel in ore, Fel in corde.

Experimental Occult Black Metal, 12'' LP, a co-release with S.A.R.S. Prod.

Previously released through Debemur Morti on MC, comes with a completely new layout. Released in Europe on the 5th of July 2013 and is now available for the US customers. No CD version planned!

AB IMO PECTORE samples @ BandCamp.


AB IMO PECTORE - The Dissociative Path


/DWP026/ NEFANDUS - "Your God Is A Ghost"

NEFANDUS are ready to unleash their third offering upon the world! Following the highly influential "The Nightwinds Carried Our Names" and "Death Holy Death", their new MCD "Your God is a Ghost" was unleashed in 2012 by the hands of DWP.

The agenda is still the same: to spread the Light of Lucifer and the satanic legacy that has been chosen to the band by the gods and goddesses of Sitra Ahra, proclaiming the lunacy of "God's" creation, like a fist in the faces of those who deny the wonders and pleasures of the chthonic Lords of Divine "Madness". May the blessing of Satan be with you all, and may the abominations of hell guide your ways beyond all morals.

CD out on Samhain 2012, LP released in 2014.

> Crown of Labour and Strength <


NEFANDUS - Your God Is A Ghost


/DWP027/ ARFSYND - "Hesychia"

Two and a half years after the debut ARFSYND returns with its second full-length, entitled "Hesychia". Inspired by the teachings of eastern orthodox christianity, it is a manifest of deepest pessimism and awareness of the inexorable Original Sin, that a man carries within.... Recorded at Liesmia Studio in 2010-2012 and mastered at Necromorbus by Tore Stjerna, "Hesychia" adds new elements to the canvas of ARFSYND, yet the trademark riffing and style are unmistakeably there. The album features guest vocal contributions by D. from EXCESSUM / THE ASCENDANT and Mortifer from ORCIVUS.

Available in a gatefold digisleeve with a 12-page booklet. Released through DWP on the 3rd day of the 4th month of 2013.

"Lethe's Litany" (with D. of THE ASCENDANT on vocals) is now available for streaming at our Bandcamp!

Follow the band here: facebook.com/arfsynd

ARFSYND - Hesychia


/DWP028/ NIGHTBRINGER & DリDSENGEL - "Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno"

"Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno" is a conceptual split release, based upon the esoteric doctrines of the four quarters of the journey of the "sun" from death, through the underworld, to rebirth and ascendance. Featuring two excruciating rituals from each NIGHTBRINGER & DリDSENGEL and stunning artwork by Cold Poison, the CD version of this split was unleashed through DWP on the 3rd day of the 4th month of 2013. The LP version followed for Europe on the 5th of July 2013 and is now available for the US customers.

You can listen to samples from both bands' sides here.



/DWP029/ ANDRAMELECH & SERPENT NOIR - "Gateway to the Nightside"

We are proud to announce, that DWP was chosen to handle a split release between SERPENT NOIR and ANDRAMELECH! Clocking over 30 minutes, this collaborative ritual, entitled "Gateway to the Nightside", was unleashed through DWP on the 3rd day of the 4th month of 2013. Cover art & layout channelled through the hands of Alexander "BadNewsBrown" Brown (WITCHRIST).

ANDRAMELECH - The Trefoil Anticrown
SERPENT NOIR - The Shadow as a Portal (sample)




/DWP030/ ODEM - "The Valley of Cut Tongues"

ODEM are back with their second effort, "The Valley of Cut Tongues". A devastating high-speed Death Metal assault, rooted in the underground temples and ascending high into the charred heavens above. Featuring 3 new songs & a reworked version of a song from the first album, it deals with transcendence, destruction of the barriers & expansion beyond the limits of dogmas and morality. The inauguration of the One, who brings truths to ashes....

"The Valley of Cut Tongues" MCD was unleashed through DWP on the 3rd day of the 4th month of 2013!

Listen to "Cult of Flesh" here.


ODEM - The Valley of Cut Tongues


/DWP031/ WEAPON - "NAGA: Daemonum Praeteritum"

This is the only official compilation that gathers the tri-unity of WEAPON's pre-album releases - - 'Within The Flesh Of The Satanist' Demo 2004, 'Violated Hejab' EP 2005 and 'Para Bhakti... Salvation' EP 2008. Remastered by Lars Broddesson of MARDUK, who made a special effort to maintain the original barbaric sound, and crowned with a cover art channeled through Naas Alcameth of NIGHTBRINGER, this release comes with a 24-pages booklet, which includes photos from different eras of WEAPON, as well as a detailed bio, penned by the band's mastermind Vetis Monarch himself. Unleashed on the 31st of May 2013. You can check 2 samples from the CD @ DWP BandCamp.

Blessed be all who bleed for the Devil under the sign of W.


WEAPON - NAGA: Daemonum Praeteritum


/DWP032/ MONTE PENUMBRA - "Heirloom of Sullen Fall"

DWP is proud to announce the release of MONTE PENUMBRA's debut full-length - "Heirloom of Sullen Fall". A brainchild of Portuguese madman W.uR (already well-known for his work with ISRATHOUM and AB IMO PECTORE), this project goes diving into the mind-twisting depths of the beyond. A psychotropic journey into the caverns of madness and grim visions of the void....

Twisted artwork and image manipulation courtesy of Mories of GNAW THEIR TONGUES. Released on the 3rd day of the 4th month of 2013!

MONTE PENUMBRA samples at BandCamp.


MONTE PENUMBRA - Heirloom of Sullen Fall


/DWP033/ PERDITOR - "Divine Riddles"

PERDITOR's "Divine Riddles" is a result of many years of devotion and labour in the name of the Lord. 10 hymns to the Devil and his divine mysteries, manifested in a form of poisonous and possessed, yet skillfully played and composed Black Metal. The album breathes with genuine burning hatred and religious exaltation, which rises high above the laughable secularist scene of today. Daemon Worship is proud to welcome PERDITOR into its fold and to serve as a host for the ultimate release of this masterpiece of Dutch Devil-worshipping art!

Featuring a lyrical contribution by the late Hellgoat of NECROPLASMA.

Comes with a completely re-desecrated layout by khz|DWP (based on the original design by The Being / Nachtvorst) & with additional art by Held. Includes a never before released bonus track.

Released on the 08 day of the 09 month of the year 2013.

Samples at BandCamp.


PERDITOR - Divine Riddles


/DWP034/ WORMLUST - "The Feral Wisdom"

"The Feral Wisdom" is a temple of hallucinatory and initiatory torture and self-abuse. After a highly acclaimed split with HAUD MUNDUS and a series of demos that followed (and later assembled in "The Wormlust Collective"), WORMLUST returns with the full-length, which bends the borders and blends Ambient and Black Metal in the most surreal ways possible. A psychedelic ritual of transcendence beyond the oblivion of your darkest dreams. WORMLUST is a soundtrack to your blackest nightmares!

Released (08.09.2013) via Daemon Worship in a glorious digipack, crowned with artwork and layout by the renowned Metastazis (ANTAEUS, ARDITI, SECRETS OF THE MOON, ASCENSION, MORBID ANGEL, WATAIN and many others). The original LP version was released through Demonhood Prod in 2013, re-released via DWP with expanded layout in 2016.

Listen to "The Feral Wisdom" at BandCamp.


WORMLUST - The Feral Wisdom


/DWP035/ ISRATHOUM / CHALICE OF BLOOD - "Ascetic Temples / Sacrament of Death"

A union 7'' between two respected Occult Black Metal formations. The release features two hymns: "Ascetic Temples" by ISRATHOUM and "Sacrament of Death" by CHALICE OF BLOOD. This is the first ever split release for the former and the first new recording in 7 years for the latter. Raw, unpolished, aggressive and determined proselytism of Death. Cover artwork created once again by our long-time friend and collaborator A. Held / Ubertragic Art.

Released as a 7'' via Daemon Worship in the agony of 2014.



/DWP036/ NEFANDUS - "Reality Cleaver"

NEFANDUS is back with a 3rd full-length album! For the first time since mid-90's existing as a full band, they march into the new territories of mid-paced and grim Black Metal. Featuring lyrical contributions of Grim Vindkall (DOMGナRD, SNAKESKIN ANGELS), J.K. (OFERMOD, MORTUUS) and Vaerulv, as well as vocals of Thomas Sabbathi of GRIFTEGナRD and YEAR OF THE GOAT. Occult Black Metal of the Highest caliber. Recorded at Endarker Studios and crowned with a layout by Iblis Art.

CD released in July 2014, followed by an LP version via Daemon Worship.

Listen to "Reality Cleaver" samples at BandCamp.


NEFANDUS - Reality Cleaver


/DWP037/ NIGHTBRINGER - "Emanation"

Re-released on CD and LP by Daemon Worship Prod. in 2014 with a new layout and artwork by Brianvdp. Contains 6 rare & demo songs.

Listen to "Emanation" at BandCamp.




/DWP038/ WEDERGANGER - "Gekderse Drek" 7'' EP

WEDERGANGER's fantastic "Gelderse Drek" recording is now available on vinyl! Comes as a deluxe blue, yellow or Gelderland flag coloured vinyl, in a printed inner sleeve and a spined reverse board jacket, with artwork by the inkmaster Karmazid. The two songs from this demo already thunder with malevolent echo in the underground after several impressive performances on different gigs and festivals. But there will be more. The Revenant has arisen!

Listen to "Gelderse Drek" at BandCamp.


WEDERGANGER - Gelderse Drek


/DWP039/ SVARTIDAUÐI - "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast"

Transmission: Vibrating from the centre of a dead sun and manifested in the terrible shadow cast by the sect's debut offering, "Flesh Cathedral", "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast" presents two apocalyptic hymns of blinding illumination and iconoclastic orgasms, tantric mantras to end all flesh.

Artwork by Timo Ketola and David Glomba. Produced by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary.

Manifested as 45 rpm 12" and CD on a certain date via Terratur Possessions and Daemon Worship Productions.

Listen to "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast" samples at BandCamp.


SVARTIDAUÐI - The Synthesis of Whore and Beast


/DWP040/ GRAFVITNIR - "Necrosophia"

Daemon Worship is proud to reveal the third album of GRAFVITNIR!

"Necrosophia" consists of 7 compositions, each dealing with the vast enigma of the Beyond and the opening of the eye of Lucifer. Scandinavian Occult Black Metal, anthems to the Lycanthropic essence and the Serpentine Mysteries.
Recorded over 2 years, with each tone and lyric perfected to suit the whole, it could be considered a sibling offering to "Semen Serpentis", yet there are many differences throughout as well. 8 unique drawn pieces, representing the 8 legged Spider Goddess, were suffered out through Ubertragic Art during the past 1,5 years, set to crown this jewel.

Released as a 6-panel digipack CD with a 12-page booklet and a majestic heavy gatefold LP.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/Grafvitnir.Official

GRAFVITNIR - Necrosophia


/DWP041/ CHALICE OF BLOOD - "Helig, Helig, Helig"

Enigmatic Occult Swedish union of CHALICE OF BLOOD is back with a first feature length release. After a classic 2005 demo and two brilliant splits (with ARKHA SVA and ISRATHOUM) comes a work of several years of occult growth and maturation. "Helig, Helig, Helig" appears as a violent and intense storm, with a fair share of obscure yet not overpowering melodies. Pitch-black aural assault, with production by MARDUK's Lars Broddesson and layout by ever-evolving digital genius of Brianvdp.

Manifested in a form of a 12'' MLP, to preserve (for now?) a CD-less discography tradition of CHALICE OF BLOOD.

Listen to "Helig, Helig, Helig" samples at BandCamp.


CHALICE OF BLOOD - Helig Helig Helig


/DWP042/ NIGHTBRINGER - "Ego Dominus Tuus"

Enigmatic black metal cult NIGHTBRINGER have summoned forth the long-awaited new album "Ego Dominus Tuus". "Ego Dominus...", Latin for "I am your Lord", is as imposing and commanding as its title suggests. Recorded by the band and Dave Otero (COBALT, CEPHALIC CARNAGE), "Ego Dominus..." is an epic piece of ritualistic metal so dense and so regal that it's magic will continue to manifest for years to come. "Ego Dominus Tuus" is a monument to black metal at its most powerful, and one of the finest genre works to emerge in many years. Believe in the power of death!

CD released via Season Of Mist. Exclusive trifold DLP edition out now via DWP.

Listen to "Ego Dominus Tuus" samples at BandCamp.


NIGHTBRINGER - Ego Dominus Tuus


/DWP044/ DEVOURING STAR - "Through Lung and Heart"

Hear! The spear impales the gate!

DEVOURING STAR, a rising Suomi supernova, has released its debut album "Through Lung and Heart" through Daemon Worship Productions as both CD and LP.

The album consists of five new manifestations, which decompose the structure of the Self in all forms. Death awaits... The eye opens!

Cover artwork by Manuel Tinnemans of Comaworx.
Layout by Brianvdp.

Listen to "Through Lung and Heart" samples at BandCamp.


DEVOURING STAR - Through Lung and Heart


/DWP045/ SWAR゙ - "Omines Pestilentiae"

It would be no exaggeration to say, that SWAR゙'s enigmatic presence has captured many in the past few years: appearing out of nowhere, it released 3 wonderful demos through Exitium, one after another, one after another drawing souls into its obscurity. As time passed it was decided, that a release gathering all 3 demos was necessary - thus the band approached Daemon Worship and Iron Bonehead and pacts were signed with both. A DLP version saw the ever-fading light of day in 2014. Now it's time for the CD version to appear - remastered for this occasion and featuring an exclusive yet unreleased bonus track, "Omines Pestilentiae" comes in a digipack with a layout closely matching that of the DLP. Deranged Psalms of Death, of ancient obscurantism and dark zealotry, of the profane and the arcane. Hear and bear witness!

Released on the 30th of April in the year of the Lord 2015.

Listen to "Omines Pestilentiae" samples at BandCamp.

SWAR゙ - Omines Pestilentiae


/DWP046/ ISRATHOUM - "Antru Kald"

Three years after the fantastic "Black Poison and Shared Wounds" ISRATHOUM returns! The trio of VxInfr, Arvath and W.uR delivers a wicked and poisonous audial assault with a new MLP record, entitled "Antru Kald". Originally started as a conceptual project as far back as 1998, it is only now - 17 years later - revealed and unleashed upon mankind. It represents all that defines ISRATHOUM: it adheres to the roots, but doesn't let itself be entangled in the vines, instead developing and evolving upon them into a formation, that is unlike anything else in the scene. This conceptual piece was recorded over several years, with help from Mories of black industrial movement GNAW THEIR TONGUES, who is also responsible for the cover art. The mastering was once again done by Kark of DリDSENGEL.

Comes in a trifold digisleeve and, eventually, as a one-sided MLP with a laser etching.

Released on the 30th of April 2015.


ISRATHOUM - Antru Kald


/DWP047/ SERPENT NOIR - "Erotomysticism"

"Life and reality are not what they appear to be. There are other worlds, alternative realities as well as parallel universes to enter and explore. There is another path in life... A dark path cloaked in mystery! Those who choose to enter this path will find a whole new meaning in life. It is the path of ecstasy, darkness and light and actual magical brotherhood. This is the Path of the Red Dragon.

'Erotomysticism' is the outcome of a Draconian collaboration, coming from the deepest core of the Draconian Brotherhood of Ordo Draconis et Atri Adamantis."

SERPENT NOIR's "Erotomysticism" was released through Daemon Worship in April 2015 as a digiCD, with an LP edition following in the spring of 2016.


SERPENT NOIR - Erotomysticism



Brilliant demo from 2013 re-released as a luxury threefold digipack CD with all new artwork. 7'' EP version released in 2016.

Dissonant Death Worship at its finest.

Listen @ BandCamp.




/DWP050/ KRINGA - "Through the Flesh of Ethereal Wombs"

Released as a 10'' MLP by Terratur Possessions, Daemon Worship Productions and the Voidland Shelter.

Listen @ BandCamp.


KRINGA - Through the Flesh of Ethereal Wombs


/DWP051/ CREEPING - "Revenant"

HEAR! Daemon Worship is proud to proclaim, that a pact was sealed and fulfilled with New Zealand Black Doom conjurers CREEPING regarding their 3rd full-length offering, entitled "Revenant". DWP is responsible for the CD release of the album, while Iron Bonehead manifested the 12'' vinyl version. Engineered and designed by JSM of ULCERATE fame, it is a 5-headed wyrm, a spawn of crawling chaos and poison for your mind and soul.

Released on the 10th of August 2015.

Listen @ BandCamp.


CREEPING - Revenant



The debut IBEX ANGEL ORDER album, entitled "I", is now unleashed as a digipack CD by the hands of Daemon Worship, followed by an LP early in 2016.

The album presents itself as an Occult Black Metal seance, assembled of hypnotizing riffs and ritual chants, with violent percussion framing it. Hymns to Abraxas. A stylistically unique offering, which evolved from FUNERAL GOAT, yet turned into something much more refined. Featuring ex-members of SAURON (from the ashes of which FUNERAL GOAT originally awakened) and members of VERBUM VERUS, PLANET AIDS and ABYSMAL DARKENING. Featuring artwork by Ubertragic Art, this masterpiece was mastered by the renowned Greg Chandler of ESOTERIC and LYCHGATE fame, who also produced albums for such bands as CRUCIAMENTUM, GRAVE MIASMA and MACABRE OMEN.

Released as a black polycarbonate CD in a digipack with a 12-page booklet and followed by a majestic heavy gatefold LP with illustrations printed with metallic golden foil.

Follow: https://www.facebook.com/ibexangelorder



/VIRUS001/ DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS - "Architecture Of Realities"

What is sanity? Just a thin line you're forced to follow. What is reality? Just a small part of this universe, that sanity allows you to see. But far beyond the borders there are limitless visions of timeless dimensions & countless galaxies. Where no known laws apply and no [sane] human mind may ever perceive what is concealed there. But take a step, dive into the oblivion, into the bottomless abyss of delirious thoughts and deranged visions. Standing on the grip, feeling the chilling winds of the unknown from the worlds beyond. Open your eyes and embrace the void. The outer dimensional chaos, the primordial essence. Did you cross the line?

DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS' "Architecture Of Realities" is a journey beyond the borders of sanity. Madness from the depths of oblivion. Visions of countless galaxies destroyed and reborn. Shizophrenic visions from beyond... Beyond space, beyond time. OUT 14.08.2009!

Dimensional Psychosis - The Official Myspace.

Dimensional Psychosis - Architecture Of Realities


/VIRUS003/ LASHBLOOD - "Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing"

LASHBLOOD, influenced by the likes of Sartre and Burgess, dives into the grey, nauseous apathy of the urban socium. Offering a bit of an avantgarde approach to the genre, the band freely utilizes saxophone and clean, sorrowful vocals, which reach the apotheosis on "Gospel Of Death". All this routine, this meaningless emptiness of the ever-repeating cycles.... It lives within all of us and drags us deeper and deeper through the helix of the mundane existence. Verily, it is Death reaching for us from beyond the veil of illusion, can you see her bony hand?

"Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing" is OUT NOW!

Lashblood FB

LASHBLOOD - Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing


/VIRUS004/ DEATHMOOR - "Opus Morte III"

DEATHMOOR's "Opus Morte III" takes us into yet different regions of madness. Fully improvised in a studio under the constant influence of alcohol and drugs, its tempo variates between the full-speed assault and slow melancholy of the fall. Imagine yourself lost in a rainy forest on a cold autumn night.... The forest could as well be a stone forest of a big, unwelcoming city. You are lost and there is no way out of here.... Endless hostility of the dim, serpentine streets. The city indifferently witnesses your struggle, knowing that there is no chance for anyone to escape the cold claws of desolation. There is no way out.

Listen. "Opus Morte III" is OUT NOW!

Deathmoor Myspace




:Official Distribution:

KOSTNITSA - Temple Pestis CD

KOSTNITSA - Temple Pestis

KOSTNITSA was born in cold Russian darkness.... Inspired by desolate landscapes, once conquered by death and emptiness, it is a tribute to the spirit of medieval sorrow, something that once was long lost within the depths of time, yet still persists and manifests itself in different forms over the centuries. Witness the glorious dance of Black Death on the bones of men! Kings and paupers, all is one in the face of the grave.... Atmospheric Black Doom Metal, from the ruins of the past....

The CD comes with minimalist layout, to emphasize the music itself. Released on 01.06.2012 through BDTO and distributed by Daemon Worship worldwide.

NEFANDUS - Death Holy Death CD

This gem is officially distributed by :DWP:. Returning after 13 years absence, NEFANDUS is stronger than ever!

CHARON - Sulphur Seraph (The Archon Principle) CD

Absolutely mindblowing German Black Death Metal hurricane, featuring HATESPAWN and IMPENDING DOOM members, released by the legendary Sepulchral Voice Records. Officially distributed by DWP.

CHARON Info Page

CHARON / HATESPAWN - Mass Celebration 7'' EP

A split between two great German Black Death Metal bands, sharing the same vocalist. Released by the legendary Sepulchral Voice Records. Officially distributed by DWP.


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