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Interview with N.A. of BESTIA ARCANA conducted by Silcharde, August 2012.

  1. Seeing as how BESTIA ARCANA is comprised of NIGHTBRINGER's two main composers, naturally, similarities can be drawn between the two bands. Why did you decide to birth BESTIA ARCANA?

    It is indeed, although I compose everything for BESTIA ARCANA. I had some conceptual ideas as well as riffs that I simply felt fell out of the parameters of NIGHTBRINGER. The NIGHTBRINGER trade mark still shines through to some degree, but I feel BESTIA is a more bombastic and chaotic beast and there is much more experimentation with the riffs and structures.

  2. Throughout history, every civilization has considered its own end, giving rise to predictions of end times and "the end of the world". In fact, the term apocalypse translates to "a veil lifted", disclosing something hidden to mankind. Does this resonate with BESTIA ARCANA?

    It resonates with everything I create of this nature. I put much stock into the cyclic law of the aeons. In regards to BESTIA ARCANA specifically, the lyrical allegories are very much focused on the death of this age and the darksome and chaotic forces which are empowered within its twilight.

  3. Does "BESTIA ARCANA" literally translate to "Arcane Beast"? What inspired this band name choice and how does it embody the band's music?

    That would be a literal transliteration, yes. It is a reference to the arcanum of the twain horned god of misrule, the black faced Devil and the inner beast of "other-becoming" that may awaken within. The intent was to do something specific to this current time and place and its relation to the powers of the left-hand, so I strove to evoke a sound that might portray the idea of a "post-industrial" eschaton and the destructive forces strengthened by this age.

  4. The debut BESTIA ARCANA album "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu" was originally recorded in 2008. What does the album title translate to and describe the circumstances surrounding its conception, composition and recording.

    The translation is roughly "He who will rise from the Abyss" (N. ForsythThe Old Enemy). The meaning is twain. On the surface of the allegory is the biblical Anti-Christ and his role in the Book of Revelation. The deeper meaning can be understood by the practitioner of the crooked path as the gate of "other-becoming" and path of ascension via the way of the "abyss". The tracks were initially recorded at a small studio in my home town just a few months after the completion of "Death and the Black Work". It was originally to be released by Knightmare Recordings, but the label went under. It was then to be picked up by The Ajna Offensive and the label even paid to have it re-mixed at Flatline Audio (as the initial mix was pretty poor). It was remixed and mastered and then sat in limbo for some time. Ajna decided not to release the album as they were having financial issues at the time. Tyler gave me permission to take it elsewhere and finally Daemon Worship Productions picked up the album.

  5. N.C.
  6. Daemon Worship Productions recently unveiled the BESTIA ARCANA "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu" CD. What can be said about this ambitious label?

    Daemon Worship is one of the strongest black metal labels currently in existence. It has an impeccable roster and is backed by an ambitious and strong willed individual who understands the intent of such art.

  7. BESTIA ARCANA succeeds in melding black metal with ambient structures. How was this accomplished?

    Trial and error. It is something I have wanted to accomplish for some time, and even with "To Anabainon..." I feel it was only accomplished to a degree as much of the ambient and metal are still separate from each other, with only some real integration. I am still experimenting with creating this hybrid of genres via different approaches with a different project.

  8. The darkly imperious cover artwork perfectly complements the music of BESTIA ARCANA. Who is the artist responsible for this visage?

    The art was rendered by Worthless of Worthless Endeavors. His art is brilliant! The piece was not custom rendered. I had purchased it as I felt it resonated with the album concept.

  9. The ornate BESTIA ARCANA logo is highly detailed and embellished with esoteric symbolism. Did you render this logo and can you detail its various aspects?

    No, the logo was rendered by my brother Alabas of SERPENTINAM and formerly of NIGHTBRINGER. I made some additions such as adding the alchemical nimbus, the upturned seven chalices and the double Chnuphis serpents. The nimbus is properly placed at the "crown" and represents the attainment of illumination. The upturned cups are representative of the cups or bowls poured out by the angels in Revelations. The lion-headed serpents represent a path of ascension from the infernal and chthonic provenance to the heavenly/imperial/solar realm and a mastery over the "three realms" or Asiah, Beriah, and Aziluth. It also represents the "draconic axis mundi".

  10. Chnuphis serpent
    Chnuphis - Gnostic lion-headed serpent.

  11. Is a vinyl version of "To Anabainon ek tes Abyssu" planned?

    There has been some talk, but nothing has been put into stone as of yet.

    (UPD: Out via Osmose Productions in 2014.)

  12. Was BESTIA ARCANA a one-off project or can more material be expected in the future?

    I plan to do at least one more release.

  13. Is BESTIA ARCANA a live project? Would a performance at the Gathering of Shadows ever be a possibility?

    Not likely.

  14. The Silcharde Records special edition cassette is adorned with "Side Babylon" and "Side Perdition". What is the significance of these two terms?

    BABYLON is a key figure in Revelations and has much significance within the currents of witchcraft. In regards to the album she represents a catalyst and opener of the Gates. Perdition has much biblical significance as well and in regards to the album serves as the actual ingress through the Gates into the land of "death" and "damnation". Further meaning will not be relayed here.

  15. Any final thoughts or words?

    "One must rise by that which one falls."

  16. To conclude, what do you envision as the ideal visual representation of BESTIA ARCANA's music?

    As I have stated elsewhere, if I were to paint this vision upon a canvas I would render a scene wherein an adept of the true path of the left-hand was seated in meditation amongst detritus, death and industrial ruin.




"Lord of emaciation and fever. Angel of anxieties. Archon of onslaught. We harken unto thee and walk within thy shadow. Lead us now into desolation. Lead us now unto ruin. Lead us now into the glorious radiance of perdition's light".

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