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What is sanity? Just a thin line you're forced to follow. What is reality? Just a small part of this universe, that sanity allows you to see. But far beyond the borders there are limitless visions of timeless dimensions & countless galaxies. Where no known laws apply and no [sane] human mind may ever perceive what is concealed there. But take a step, dive into the oblivion, into the bottomless abyss of delirious thoughts and deranged visions. Standing on the grip, feeling the chilling winds of the unknown from the worlds beyond. Open your eyes and embrace the void. The outer dimensional chaos, the primordial essence. Did you cross the line?

Hailing from Netherlands and including members of such bands as FLUISTERWOUD, SAURON and GALGERAS, DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS manifests in a form of shizophrenic Black Metal soundscapes. Chaotic and desperate, yet with a good share of chilling melodies, it certainly does not pose an easy listen. No raw primitivism, but violent and perfected complexity, a steel yet thin carcass of riffs, whose, at first, random strings form a finished and complete vision. Destruction is the essential element of creation. And chaos is the balance.

DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS' "Architecture Of Realities" is a journey beyond the borders of sanity. Madness from the depths of oblivion. Visions of countless galaxies destroyed and reborn. Shizophrenic visions from beyond... Beyond space, beyond time. OUT 14.08.2009!

Line up & recording information

The "Architecture Of Realities" recording line-up:

Mysteriis - Drums, Lyrics and FX
Gorthaur - Guitar
Trol - Guitar
Kruid - Bass
Gollem - Synths and FX
Eklipse - Vocals

Dimensional Psychosis - Architecture Of Realities




1. Terminal Intensity
2. Kaleidoscope Reversed
3. Singularity
4. Vortex Generator: Intergalactic Overdrive
5. New World Disorder
6. Stagnated In Dimensional Quantum
7. Astral Abortion
8. +++++++++++


Dimensional Psychosis - Architecture Of Realitities

A remarkeble project with members of SauroN, Fluisterwoud and Galgeras. DP sounds furious, chaotic and due to use of keys and electronic drums also quite futuristic.
The musicians, with names as Mysteriis, Trol and Gorthaur, don't give the listener and easy go. Songs as 'Terminal Intensity' and 'Vortex Generator' are mainly played on blastspeed and contain lots of tempo changes and different atmospheres.
Try to imagine a mix of Marduk, Nocturnus and Messhuggah and you'll have an impression of what kind of musical challenge 'Architecture Of Realitities' offers you. I personally love this kind of complex, rare music but I can imagine some people might get nervous or stressed out from it. There is no doubt that DP exist of very skilled and open minded musicians. People with a vision, who try something different very consciously and are able to rage forth in the length of a whole album. To me it sounds very impressive and overwhelming. And due to the excellent mix from Ground Zero studio it's all listenable. Well done.


By Aardschok [Kindly translated by Ludas / Funeral Goat]


Dimensional Psychosis
Architecture of Realities
Daemon Worship Records 2009

On their second full length album Dimensional Psychosis from the Netherlands warps the fabric of metal, morphing black metal riffs into death metal and vice versa for a devastating effect. Combining progressive and brutal music with astral aesthetics proves to be a nursery for superior metallic annihilation. Kaleidoscope Reversed bind death metal drum rhythms with black metal blasting riffs for a celestial firestorm. The constant tempo shifts, guitar explosions and the folky melody make the song chaos in action and the ambient electronic noise that closes out the track is ominous in a Donnie Darko dream sequence sort of way. Immediately though hellish, yet tight black metal riffing flares out of the preceding darkness like a fiery asteroid on Singularity. The track twists with a hypnotic regularity that belies the violent nature of the track. Guitar harmonics during the moderately paced sections and symphonic keys add to the corrupting madness of Vortex Generator Intergalactic Overdrive and brings to mind a bizarre mating of Immolation and Morbid Angel. Nordic black metal references surface in the early passages of New World Disorder though the destabilize into strange, swaying riffs and operatic vocals pushing the listener towards complete disorientation. Astral Abortion is a flurry of rapid fretwork and stop/start tempo stumbling that teeters on the brink of abyssic insanity and celestial destruction. I am not sure how I feel about the electronic, near-dance "hidden" track that closes out the album. It utilizes harsh sound but the danceable beats render the track a sort of misguided experiment. Aside from that lone error, Architecture of Realities is a cosmically brutal album that showcases the aggressive and progressive skills of Dimensional Psychosis. If you appreciate violent music that breaks the bounds of heaven then Architectures of Realities will feed your hunger like the radiation from a cataclysmic supernova.

By Brad Smith of Nocturnal Cult Webzine.


Dimensional Psychosis - Architecture Of Reality
Daemon Worship Productions

It is not entriely clear what is meant precisely by the term ‘indefinable chaos metal. What does become clear, however, from listening to ‘Architecture Of reality’ by Dimensional Psychosis is that we are dealing with a precious metal export product. Members of the Dutch black metal scene have joined their dark forces and have written seven futuristic, machine-like black metal compositions of an impressively high quality.

Extremely tightly executed and complex riff structures are regularly interrupted by illogical side steps and are played at a seething pace as well as with pounding brutality. An unhealthy atmosphere is created by implementing some estranging guitar melodies, creepy bridges, several haunting vocal styles and a subtle layer of keyboards. The resulting sound should be able to please fans of the exponents of the experimental Norwegian black metal scene such as Thorns or DHG. It is only in the eighth (bonus) track that an error of judgement is made: old school thunderdome hardcore is mixed with black metal and it does not really sound good. The regular part of ‘Architecture Of Reality’, however, is absolutely brilliant.

Rating: 85/100

By Richard G. for Lords Of Metal.


DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS - Architecture Of Realities-CD (Daemon Worship)

So I received several releases from this label out of Russia I clearly have never heard of and Just by cover art alone I pick this one as my 1st review. Dimensional Psychosis is Avant brutal death/black metal in the same way bands like Code, DHG and VBE are or where. The difference is they like to add a spacial/sci fi element into the music in the same way Voivod or Arcturus did and you know what it work very well as this release is kicking my ass. There is a lot of Synth worked into the mix with a heavy progressive flavor. The vocals are very much in the DHG style to my ears where the mix of music is Arcturus meets Code . If you like the Post Black metal sound this will win you over very quickly. I hear a lot of more modern Dimmu Borgir going on here as well. I would say goto to there label site and learn more about this project as there interesting as hell.

By Absolute Zero Media.


Architectures of Reality

(Daemon Worship Prod.)

The colorful, cosmic cover art is a fair representation of the complex brand of death/black metal this Dutch outfit trade in.  Harsh vocals ride atop a storm of crazed riffing, breakneck tempo shifts and a neo-progressive sense of technicality throughout.  The result is impressive but a bit exhausting after a bit as well.  Fans of latter-day Emperor and more avant-garde acts like Dødheimsgard and Arcturus will no doubt love this disc.

Right from the start, the most striking element of Dimensional Psychosis’ sound is drummer Mysteriis.  His playing is simply pulverizing and manages to be technical without sounding sterile or computerized - a nifty feat.  The guitar work is nearly as impressive, all angles and venom, while keyboards are used as effective texture and provide a great deal of the cosmic scope of the album.  “Kaleidoscope Reversed” is a good example of everything Dimensional Psychosis does well, rampaging through various different riffs and tempos before settling into astral ambience.  “Singularity” on the other hand is probably the most concise and relentlessly intense track on offer.

With the massive exception of the untitled electronic/experimental track that closes the album (reminds me of Dark Tranquillity’s “Archetype”), the remaining tracks all fall into a similar vein, making Architectures of Reality a very consistent and consistently brutal release.  The net effect can be a bit too much to take in one sitting but there is no denying the quality of what Dimensional Psychosis has put together here.

By Daniel Hinds for The Plague.


DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS „Architecture Of Realities“ (Daemon Worship Productions) [IN GERMAN]

Raumpatrouille Orion trifft Tangerine Dream – diesen Eindruck vermittelt das gedeckt farbenfohe Space-Cover. Doch im Kern handelt es sich bei den Niederländern DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS um eine Black Metal-Band, die wohl das (anti)kosmische Chaos vertonen möchte. Für die Chronisten: Von 1997 bis 2001 waren DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS als Goatlord unterwegs. Der selbsternannte Mastermind Mysteriis erliegt allerdings nie der Versuchung, das Songwriting dem Chaos unterzuordnen, denn selbst wenn stets rasende, atonal erscheinende Riffs den Hörer herausfordern, folgen sie dennoch dem großen Ganzen. Dieses besteht allerdings nicht nur aus besagten Riffs, sondern auch aus synthetischen Fetzen, die mal mehr an Wurmlochdurchquerung und zerschredderte Kommandobrücke, mal mehr an Gehirnkontrolle durch Extraterrestrische denken lassen. Doch letzten Endes haben DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS ein großes Faibles für symphonisch wirkende Arrangements, die den Hörer stets wieder auffangen und nie vollends der großen Verwirrung anheim fallen lassen. Erst beim nicht verzeichneten Bonus-Track drehen die Niederländer vollends durch und ballern mit Industrial-Space-Drum’n’Bass los. Dabei war vorher alles so rund. So geht ein Punkt flöten. (GB)

10 Punkte

By Legacy 'zine.


«Architecture of Realities»
Daemon Worship Prod

Very, very nice disturbing music this. A masterpiece of progressive, haunting, ice-cold experimental chaotic death black metal. Take from this assertion what you want but be sure that this Dutch band has something different to offer. Impossible to describe this kind of stuff in some words. Black metal? Of course but you have to think about the most avant-garde Norwegian scene. Progressive black metal? Yes but in an experimental way, as encountered on the best elements of the Nocturnal Art Records catalogue. The aggression delivered here is more psychological than expressed in the sound. Some ‘futuristic’ approaches remind me of their land-mates of The Monolith Deathcult but they operate in a complete different environment. It’s as you can guessed very hard to dissect this «Architecture of Realities» because the product forms such a cohesive whole. If you just took the guitar department or the bass drums frameworks or anything else on its own it would be meaningless, it’s only when all those components are all together that the full impact become apparent. The last track is a complete different story and disagreeably closes this very original album. Forget it and you shall have in your hand one of the most innovative extreme metal album of the year.

By Patricia for Pull The Chain 'zine.


Dimensional Psychosis - Architecture Of Realities
8 tracks, 38:52
Daemon Worship Productions

The first thing I notice is of course the cover and this time I get really "futuristic" feelings. It somehow reminds me of the cover for "In The Times Before Light" by The Kovenant (the remix version of course). It doesn't exactly look like it but it gives me the same "vibes". Anyway, this has been labeled as Industrial Black Metal and I can agree with that, but not fully. It is not pure black metal but I wouldn't call it Industrial Black Metal because it is so much more! It is feels rather complex at first but it grows for every time you listen and keeps on getting better and better. The rather chaotic and violent songs is after some time really nice listening to. I think it was good the first time but the more you "get to know" the music the better it gets. As described on a flyer from Daemon Worship it is rather schizophrenic Black Metal soundscapes but yet it is a very solid album that leaves a good impression.
This is a good album that I recommend for the people that want something that isn't "standard" black metal. This album is like a journey through the galaxies.

By O.O. for Funeral March 'zine.

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