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After a long and painful delay, LIKBLEK's first offering is at last ready to be released! This Swedish fourpiece features DK from the classic Death Metal band SACRILEGE, Death Thrashers TAETRE and many other bands, Getaz of Black Metal Cults KILL and NECROPLASMA, Thunderbolt from Classic Death Thrashers SWORDMASTER (now-Deathstars) and Larsson from STYGGELSE. Expect well-recorded yet raw and violent Black Metal with thrashy riffs now and then! Recorded and mastered at Studio Decay (KILL, among others), these 8 hymns to violence and darkness are done in the traditional old-school Scandinavian fashion, bringing to mind KILL, CRAFT and DARKTHRONE, yet not copying them in any way. Crowned by almost fully hand-drawn layout, brought to flesh through pain and tortures by our very good friend mr. Held! Let Chaos be unleashed!!

Line up & recording information

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Decay spring 08. Produced by Likblek. All music and lyrics thrown up by Likblek. Photos by Vindkall. Layout by Held.

Actual and recording line-up:

Larsson - Vocals, Guitars
D.K - Gutars, Vocals
K.Thunderbolt - Bass
Getaz - Drums

Likblek - Likblek




1. It Emerges
2. Cold Dead Hands
3. Organs of Doom
4. Leperkiss
5. Deathgod Serpent
6. Life's Claws
7. This Hell is Ours
8. Graveyard Blasphemers


Daemon Worship Productions 2010

Raw, uncompromising, relentless, demonic are all words that describe the ferocious debut album from Swedish black metal hellbeast, Likblek. A sonic explosion of harsh, hypnotic and repetitive riffing caught somewhere between VON and Transilvanian Hunger era Darkthrone is what confronts us on album opener, It Emerges. Slowing the pace down a bit for a more Burzum-ish feel is Cold Dead Hands. The track is driven by a simplistic yet evocative bass line. The track a drips dank and dirty atmosphere. However Organs of Doom is slightly thrashier in texture and definitely more energetic. Primitive sawing riffs that compel a force of rage upon the listener's countenance. Leperkiss is a stripped-down, straight-ahead assault of no-frills black metal that is relentless in its monotony. The song does a 180 degree turn as it drops into some clean guitar musings imbuing the track with a musty mood. The case is not the same with Deathgod Serpent whose brutal visage brings to mind early Mayhem before taking on a Burzum-ish melody. This Hell is Ours is frothing with blasting drums but its middles section throbs with a black n' roll thickness in the riffs. Likblek has delivered a violent stabbing frenzy of primitive black metal, soaked with subterranean decay. Aside from Cold Dead Hands and the crawling funeral march of Graveyard Blasphemers, this album is played at an exhausting pace that batters your ears but mesmerizes your soul before sacrificing it to abyssic gods.

By Brad Smith of Nocturnal Cult Webzine.


Likblek - Likblek
8 tracks, 27:31
Daemon Worship Productions

So, the debut album of Likblek is finally out. I have heard some of the songs before so I pretty much knew what I was supposed to get. It is good, raw and filthy black metal, no fancy shit here, just raw and simple, like a punch in the face. The eight tracks keeps a steady high and filthy standard which is very enjoyable! Especially my favorite track "Deathgod Serpent" with the killer chorus! There are really no special ups and downs on this record and I got nothing to complain about that is worth writing down. It shows that these guys are talented musicians and it is not surprising to find them involved in several other more or less known acts. The cover and artwork fits the music very nice and adds the visual feeling that can be needed. So... if you want to spend some money do it on this record, at least if you got a taste for some raw and filthy black metal. You will NOT be disappointed!

By O.O. of Funeral March 'zine.


Likblek - Likblek

Daemon Worship Productions is all about making conventional black metal the most unconventionally sounding. This label's bands seemingly employ old school, by-the-book, raw metal of black, but the music's ultimate result is all but orthodox. Likblek plays extremely raw and simple black metal but its effect on the listener is phenomenal; whether it's the crisp production (forget about lo-fi sub-standard recording a-la Dark Throne Et. Al.), the slowed-down parts, the melancholic riffs, the minimal usage of keyboards and strange samples here and there, Likblek delivers a highly potent, powerful bread-and-butter metal few bands are capable of. The music's strange dynamics and energy encapsulated within Likblek's self-titled are something to behold. The music's apocalyptic essence is all over the place; the vocals are insanely brutal and gritty, the guitars can literally slice through living flesh and the usually slow pace only enhances the music's sinister character (forget about blasts here!).

It's good to see and hear these old-timers (all members are veterans in the metal underground and played in acts such as Sacrilege, Taetre, Swordmaster to mention only a few) playing black metal younger bands can only dream of producing. The cool lyrics and the excellent aesthetical presentation make this album a worthwhile purchase.

By Chaim Drishner for Diabolical Conquest.


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