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DWP is proud to announce the release of the first album by ARFSYND, featuring Perditor of the ORCIVUS' fame! The album was produced by the artist himself and mastered at Necromorbus studio, so expect a unique and deep sound! Featuring a variety of tempos, sincere, dark and haunting vocals, Perditor's exquisite and already well-known melodies, ARFSYND follows a different yet just as noble path. Lyrics, entirely written and performed in archaic Swedish, give this album a special dimension, a special feeling, which, the author felt, could only be manifested through the use of his mother tongue. Thus, as you read this message, the ARFSYND's first and eponymous album is finally available for the ears of the eager! CD OUT NOW!

Line up & recording information

Written, recorded and mixed by Perditor in his own studio in 2009. Mastering by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios.

Arfsynd - Arfsynd




1. Lifvets Usurpator
2. Blodsutgjutelse I Herrans Namn
3. Vid Syndaflodens Mynning
4. Flagellanternas Procession

5. Prisa Den Fortappade Flamman
6. Sjalamassans Andalykt


Daemon Worship Productions 2010

Swedish black metal, tinged with an occult feel and a feral rawness seeps and froths from the speakers as the debut album from Arfsynd spins.  Lifvets Usurpator opens the album, with eerie moods and a nocturnal atmosphere permeating its diabolical riffs and midtempo crawl.  Perditor sings with a ghostly rasp adding to the supernatural feel of the song.  Arfsynd strikes a similar feel to Armagedda's later work and slower Craft.  However on the second track, Blodsutgjutelse I Herrans Namn, the pace quickens.  Cold Scandinavian melodies surface before cracking upon shores of galloping ugliness.  The track resonates with mystical darkness.  Surprisingly a hypnotic effect, not unlike Transilvanian Hunger echoes within the walls of speedy riffs on Vid Sindaflodens Mynning.  Mesmerizing midtempo riffs churn and slowly descend into a Burzum-ish hiss as the song shifts away from its initial frenzy.  A sense of ancient malevolence boils within the riffs of Flagellanternas Procession.  Thick double-bass drums rumble beneath the guitars before everything unexpectedly explodes into a tornado of cold Nordic riffs.  Sawing guitars with a hint of thrashing violence are unleashed like arctic wolves on Prisa Den Fortappade Flamman.  The song drifts into a windy riffing, that flickers like a flame in the night.  Arfsynd's debut is a graven tome of hateful and icy black metal.  It carries on the flame of underground Swedish blasphemy similar to Craft and Armagedda.  Darkness and a demonic presence haunt the malicious notes of this album and the evilness within your soul is born anew as the the final crackling chords of Sjalamassans Andalykt draw to a close.

By Brad Smith of Nocturnal Cult Webzine.


Arfsynd - Arfsynd
6 tracks, 41:24
Daemon Worship Productions

I have waited a long time for this debut, after the clips heard on myspace the expectations was through the roof. Of course knowing what Perditor earlier have achieved I was sure that Arfsynd wouldn't disappoint me. It is also very interesting that this piece of art is written in archaic Swedish, I think that it really adds a special feeling to it all. Everyone that liked the songs on myspace will not be disappointed when buying this record... fuck the myspace quality and get this record, put it in your stereo and listen. It can't really be compared to what you have heard earlier. Holding the great looking booklet in your hand while letting the tones of Arfsynd stream out of your speakers is a special feeling, nothing that really can or should be described, it should be experienced. All I can say that this is one of the best, the best?, record this year, honestly! The sound, the atmosphere; it is magical! I have waited a long time to hear this man's voice again and I have never heard it like this, I am truly impressed, it sounds better than ever! This is a must have, nothing else to sum this up with other than to say that this shows what true art is, impressive!

By O.O. of Funeral March 'zine.


Arfsynd - Arfsynd

Those who are familiar with Orcivus, Perditor's other band, would acknowledge his ability to write some bone-chilling tunes, infused with darkness and utter melancholy. Orcivus' quality, riff-driven, mid-to-slow-paced black metal has been, throughout the band's two eminent albums, a beacon of darkness in the sea of copycatting, blast-beating light of folly and mindless boredom which is the fate of most black metal bands nowadays. Shedding the skin of Orcivus and converging to meet his innermost demons in the form of this one-man project by the name of Arfsynd, Perdtior has recorded his grand personal work in the Orcivus tradition, and more. With his unique, semi-tortured voice presiding over the music, he has written some of the most depressive, oppressive, life-depriving and sad riffs this reviewer has ever listened to. The usually slow pace of the recording only enhances these faculties and casts over the music a general doom-ish aura few black metal bands own. Perditor claims to have used in this recording an archaic form of the Swedish language, his mother tongue; in that regard it is good to encounter amidst the era of globalization we all endure, someone who at least tries to preserve some of his ancestral heritage, instead of succumbing to the usually prevailing (broken) English language, most non-English speakers tend to use. Arfsynd's self-titled album is utter class, from beginning to end. Remember that. It embodies, and highlights, the unique qualities found in good, personal, solitary black metal done right. Full-bodied production, chunky guitars and rhythm section play an important role in transcending these mere sounds into spiritual and emotional realms. The Daemon Worship Production presentation is, as always, superb and no effort has been spared in recording and delivering to you this beast of an album.
Highly recommended.

By Chaim Drishner for Diabolical Conquest.


The self-titled debut from Sweden's Arfsynd is just what you have been looking for. Cold as ice and black as night, the light of the moon shall not guide you through the forty-one minutes of this ritual. Burning slow like a distant fire, 'Lifvets Usurpator' is the first of six incantations, tempting the neophyte with a crawling and nauseous guitar before the hounds of hell are cut loose. 'Prisa Den Fortappade Flamman' summons unnamed horrors through blood sacrifice while the epic album closer, 'Sajalamassans Andalykt' offers life eternal and untold riches from the throne of the Master. The desperate and frenzied vocals remain in Svenska, adding the ever-necessary and often elusive element of mystery to the release. To know that Arfsynd is the work of only one individual, Perditor, is a testimony to his vision as Arfsynd is powerful when necessary, patient as eternity and haunting as the ghost of King Hamlet.

By Sleepwalker for Forbidden 'zine.

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