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INSULT, hailing from Sweden, was born in 2004, as a manifestation of sinister and hateful spirit of Old-School Death Metal in its (im)purest form! At the moment the band is writing new anthems, and, in preparation for the forthcoming full-length attack, a pact was signed with DAEMON WORSHIP PRODUCTIONS to release both of the band's official demos - "Decree" and "Axiom" - on a single CD, to finally make them available to wider audience. Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, INSULT proudly marches forth, crushing everything to dust! 11 hymns of (im)pure blasphemy - "Abysmal Incantations" - OUT 14.08.2009!

Line up & recording information

Contains both "Axiom" and "Decree" demos.

AXIOM [Tracks 1:6]:


Johan S. - Vocals
Erik - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Johan T. - Bass
Kalle - Battery

All lyrics by: Johan S. and Erik.
All music by: Erik.

Recorded, mixed and mastered through Holken studio, Nov/Dec anno 2006 - Mar anno 2007.
Engineered by David Holgersson.
Produced by David, Kalle and Erik.

DECREE [Tracks 7:11]:


Erik - Guitars, Vocals
Kalle - Drums
Johan T. - Bass

All music and lyrics by: Erik.

Recorded and mixed at Björnspår studio, Jan 2005.
Engineered by Oskar Kempe.

"Abysmal Incantations": Logo and layout by Erik. All illustrations by G. Dore.

Actual line-up:

Johan - Vocals
Erik - Guitar
Kalle - Battery
Henke - Bass

Insult - Abysmal Incantations




1. Blitzkrieg 666
2. Oath Of Eternal Desecration
3. Slaves Of Holy Righteousness
4. Manhunt
5. Procreation Of Perdition
6. Apocalyptic Plague Inferno
7. A Doubters Manifesto
8. Unholy Triumph
9. Bestial Bloodshed
10. Beast Of Heresy
11. Diabolical Decree


Abysmal Incantations
Daemon Worship Production 2009

Daemon Worship once again brings us some quality underground metal, this time it is a compilation of sorts with both demos(Axiom 2007 and Decree 2005) from Sweden’s death metal destructors, Insult. Steering mostly clear of the traditional Stockholm style, Insult instead opt for a more underground American style with references to early Incantation, Immolation, and others reminding me of the early Relapse 7” series. The Axiom demo opens with Blitzkrieg 666 which unleashes carnage like a collapsing wall of stone. Everything beneath its riffs is smashed. A Warmaster era Boltthrower feel permeates the thick, crushing riffs. Double bass drumming mayhem ensues on Oath of Eternal Desecration as the tempo increases and the gnawing riffs eat away the flesh from your skull. Manhunt embodies that underground style I am referring to with its gurgling vocals and brutal riffing that dwells in realms of horror, rather than gore. Heavy Boltthrower double bass sections continue to surface as well on this song and lead into ghostly slower passages. Increasing the all out savagery of the music is Apocalyptic Plague Inferno with definite references to Immolation’s stop-start style and demonic riffing. We even are treated to Immolation style guitar harmonic squeals. With track 7 the Decree demo starts. The production on the Decree demo is not as good as the Axiom demo. The drums and vocals are louder in the mix and the guitars have a thinner, dryer sound which does take away some from the music. A Doubters Manifesto is the first track off the decree demo and has an almost thrashier quality to it as the riffs come in bursts. Unholy Triumph is up next displaying growling vocals, a malevolent bass break and blasting explosions of speed. Beast of Heresy, for some reason brings to mind early Swedish death though I can’t place the reference entirely. Rabid vocals and sepulchral riffs follow a bouncy drum line into a creeping chorus, fraught with malice. Insult’s style is a trip back to the heyday of underground death metal and bears not only a striking similarity in sound but also in morbid quality. This demo comp is highly recommended to fans of obscure sounding death metal with references to the early 90s burgeoning underground where brutal morbidity reigned supreme.

By Brad Smith of Nocturnal Cult Webzine.


Insult’s Abysmal Incantations is a package deal featuring the Swedes’ two demos, Decree and Axiom, from 2005 and 2008 respectively. It’s impossible to tell which material is which from the CD booklet, so I’m going with the idea that the best stuff is also the most current. I hope that’s the case. The first six tracks are swarthy, worthy fuckers demonstrating the usual tropes you’ve witnessed in best case scenario: Long, beer-soaked drives, avoiding the life that struggles little to ensnare you, reality just another burnt finger from a millimeter sized roach away. A keeper!

By Stewart Voegtlin / The Left Hand Path.


Insult - Abysmal Incantations
Daemon Worship Productions

Daemon Worship Productions has bundled two demos of the Swedish band Insult to one full length album, entitled ’Abysmal Incantations’. On it you will find the demo ‘Axiom’, from 2007 and ‘Decree’, from 2005, who combined form “eleven hymns of impure blasphemy”. The transition between the two is quite audible, unfortunately, but what the hell. They formed in 2004 and suffered only one staff change so far, the departure of their then present bassist Johan T. The less souls, the more money, but proportional expenses too, they must have thought, as he was replaced swiftly. In five years time they have grown to a full-fledged machine, with an old school intent, ditto sound and some careful contemporary influences. It would be impossible to get stuck in the past on all counts, now, wouldn’t it? Or you must find it an appealing thought to visit a doctor with the insights of, say, one hundred years ago. I won’t stop you, but don’t come near me if you do. But seriously, they (we’re still talking about the band Insult) manage fairly well cloaking a classical touch in a modern jacket.

The music is dripping with aggression and that makes a first encounter push you to keep your attention to it, if you’re inclined to extract what they’re expressing. Especially because the vocals vary very little. That is not an insult, merely an observation. I think it is suitable for their style. In terms of music you hear nothing that you have never heard before, but at least you’ll know what you get. From the lyrics I detect a serious and intense antipathy towards religion, as the main topic focuses in that direction. If I’m right in interpretting, more so than in any divine being or whatsoever. Because the original demosound is preserved, the work sounds raw and sincere, but at the same time, I mentioned it before, you have to put more effort in perceiving the melodies. Especially the part of the demo ‘Decree’. And I can imagine that there will be enough people out there that will see that as no problem at all, but you don’t open up to the biggest possible market. But then again, maybe that is never intended.

Rating: 71/100

By Ramon for Lords Of Metal 'zine.


INSULT - Abysmal Incantations-CD (Daemon Worship)

Where the Hell has Insult been all my life. This is old school Death Metal with a War/Doom metal overtone. If you are into bands like Incantation , Bolt Thrower and Entombed this is a release not to miss. from what I'm reading this is 2 demos release on CD. I don't know if the band did anything other them these demos and honestly it doesn't matter. These Demos are some of the best Death metal I've heard in over 15 yrs. This would have been an elite band on the Earache or Roadrunner roster back in the 90's. Insult's battle cry can be heard in every down tuned note and guttural word. I miss this kind of death metal as it was just so complex and interesting without going into the gurgle metal vocals that all extreme bands think they need today. The single notes the rumble so low, The build ups on guitar,bass and drums that go into the bombastic assault of sound and senses. Daemon Worship has a legendary release in the making here. All Bow to the sounds of Insult.......

By Absolute Zero Media.


INSULT „Abysmal Incantations“ (Daemon Worship Productions) [IN GERMAN!]

Ahoi, der ist er wieder, der schwedische Old-School-Death-Metal-Elch. Wer die Demos von 2005 („Decree) und von 2007 („Axiom“) verpasst hat, der bekommt diese beiden in umgekehrter Reihenfolge noch mal ans Geweih geheftet. „Abysmal Incantation“ ist also eine Zusammenstellung des bisherigen Schaffens und soll die Zeit bis zum neuen Output, an dem die Band derzeit gerade arbeitet. Böse und voller Hass sind die Alben – bei dem das ältere leider doch sehr wattiert klingt. Die Songs aber sind zumeist eine wahre Wonne für Fans des altschuligen Death Metals, vor allem der Opener ,Blitzkrieg’ macht seinem Namen alle Ehre. Natürlich gibt es derzeit viele bessere Kapellen in diesem Genre (und aus dem gleichen Land), aber ein wahrer Todmetaller kann ja nie genug kriegen von seine geilen Scheiße. Und deswegen – und weil sicherlich nicht viele die beiden Demos jemals zu Gehör bekommen haben, lohnt sich die Veröffentlichung für die Musiker allemal. Genauso wie für die Fans die Anschaffung – sie ist roh, sie ist stark, sie liefert coole aber nicht zu schmalzige Melodien und überhaupt. So macht Gotteslästerung Spaß.

Mehr hier: www.daemonworship.org. (SM)

10 Punkte

By Legacy 'zine.


Abysmal Incantations

(Daemon Worship Prod.)

Now this is some old-school death metal done with style!  A relatively young band from Sweden, this 11-song disc compiles the band’s 2005 and 2008 demos, Decree and Axiom, respectively.  Heavy, grinding riffs, blasting drums and the requisite cookie-monster vocals are all present, while light, life and melody are generally quite absent.

Although the Decree material has its moments, it is the Axiom tunes that really make this worth checking out and the band wisely placed them first.  “Blitzkrieg 666” kicks off with a wonderfully dark riff and flows smoothly across a variety of tempos.  The band’s sound here is tight yet organic and diverse without sounding overly technical, calling to mind elements of classic Grave, Autopsy and even Obituary.  “Slaves of Holy Righteousness” is a fairly speedy blast, while “Manhunt” evokes a gloomier, more sepulchral side to the band’s sound.

The Decree tracks are considerably less produced, with some bonky drums and buried vocals tending to submerge otherwise decent (if less original) material.  The driving “Unholy Triumph” and the fragmented structure of “Diabolical Decree” are the highlights of this half.

The thing I appreciate the most about Insult is the lack of pretension and the emphasis on creating that dark, brutal death metal atmosphere.  The songs are straight-forward yet compelling and short enough to keep your attention, especially on the newer material.  The progression between the two demos is quite noticeable and certainly bodes well for the full-length release that is currently in the works.

By Daniel Hinds for The Plague.


Insult - Decree CD-R [Uploaded: 19.07.05]

These Swedish newcomers really have a bright future ahead of them; all you need to hear is about five seconds to understand the quality of Insult. Freakishly amazing and powerful drumming just mangling away. Combine that with killer riffs, just forcing you to headbang and rock along. On top of that you have the monstrous vocals, although sounding a tad missed out on in the production, is really powerful stuff. This is a really energetic and fucking powerful demo making me think of Morbid Angel, and I dear say this is pretty damn close to being equally as great. I have nothing else to say. Insult are ready for their debut. I have no idea if there's one planned or not, but I really hope it's coming soon. The material on here is definitely strong enough to fill a fullength.

Grade: 8.5/10

By Kristoffer for My Last Chapter.


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