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Four years have passed since the original release of "To Gaius!", the debut album of Belgium's most infamous Black Metal formation: PARAGON IMPURE. In the fall of 2007 German cult label Blut Und Eisen unleashed the highly-anticipated 12" gatefold LP, including two re-recorded demotracks as a bonus. Due to its limited quantity it rapidly became a collector's item, and thus Daemon Worship agreed upon the release of a final, digipak version of the album.
Aggressive yet melodic, nerve wrecking yet hypnotising, bone chilling yet warming the heart of every true libertine, "To Gaius!" is eternally dedicated to the life and death of Roman emperor Gaius 'Caligula' Caesar. Often described as a tribute to the villains of ancientry, PARAGON IMPURE possesses everything a Black Metal devotee may desire: grim and mesmerizing vocals, freezing guitar tone and monotonous yet ever effective drumming. Light the black candles, raise the blood-filled chalice and let your soul be corrupted by the haunting sphere of "To Gaius"! OUT NOW!

Line up & recording information

To Gaius! was composed by Noctiz. Drum arrangements by Storm. Lyrics by Noctiz, based upon Suetonius' De Vita Caesarum. Engineered by Noctiz and Norgaath during March / April 2005 anno bastardi. Layout by Noctiz.

Paragon Impure were on this recording:

Noctiz - Chants / Strings
Storm - Percussion

In loving memory of Gaius Caligula Caesar (12-41 anno bastardi).

Paragon Impure - To Gaius!




1. To Gaius! part I
2. To Gaius! part II
3. To Gaius! part III
4. To Gaius! part IV
5. A Man Of Karioth, Praised (LP & DIGI only!)
6. The Ballad Of Judas Iscariot (LP & DIGI only!)


Paragon Impure - To Gaius: Great! - 85%

We return to the time of the great Roman emperors for this full-length of Paragon Impure. Being their fourth release (after two demos and a compilation), ‘To Gaius!’ is a blow! The concept of this CD is all based on the person of Gaius Caligula, a Roman emperor with excessive cruelty, immoral sexual escapades and disrespect toward tradition and the Senate. Paragon Impure consists out of two members: Noctiz, who composes everything, and Storm, who takes care of the drums. They’re also known for playing in other bands like Gotmoor and Verloren. ‘To Gaius’ has been released through Goatowarex on CD/digipack, through Painiac on 12” and through Meurtre Noir on tape.

And I must say what a theme! I’ve always been interested in Roman history, and I really appreciate it when there’s a band that makes a CD about something or someone from that period in time. And for me, this is even more interesting than just another lame Viking story, telling the same over and over again. All the lyrics on this album are based upon ‘De Vitae Caesarum’ (translated as ‘About the life of the emperors’) of Suetonuis. Paragon Impure have already made an EP about another historical man, Ish Kerioth (from Judas Iscariot).

Lets have a look at the music itself. The first thing that came to mind when I pressed ‘Play’ was Darkthrone. Very hypnotizing riffs, supported with aggressive vocals. And when you feel the hypnosis doing his job, there are some very aggressive parts (e.g. the part with ‘Ave Caligula’ in the first song) or just parts where (almost) all music stops, followed immediately by another riff or a spoken text, that are excellent to awaken you once again and make you capable to keep concentrated for the next passage of this masterpiece. ‘To Gaius’ shows definitely that P.I. is one of the best bands Belgium has to offer nowadays. This is almost as pure as Black Metal gets, half an hour filled with the best the bands of the north created some time ago. Nothing more has to be added.

I end this review with a quote from Caligula that stands on this CD: ‘I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Gaius Caligula, I am all man as I am no man and therefore I am… a God!’

Written by JonaarS on February 28th, 2006 for Metal Archives.


[11.02.2009] Paragon Impure - To Gaius, For The Delivery Of Agrippina (Daemon Worship Productions)
(Re-release digi w/ 2 bonus tracks, original release by Goatowarex)

One of Belgium’s absolute finest, Paragon Impure brings us the audial glorification of Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus of old Roman Empire rule. Very raw, dence and bulging black metal with brilliant harsh and spewing vocals, composed and brought to incorporate the ravenous grandeur of this beast among Roman Caesars. Even more depth is found when the vocals interchange with deeper sections as well as some movie audio samples in “To Gaius – Part I” and at the end of “To Gauis – Part IV”. A fantastic release in length of their previous material, with a little more in-your-face attitude. Praiseth Caligula!

This Digi re-release edition has 2 added bonus tracks, being from their First demo “In Commemoratian Of Ish Kerioth”. A bit more refined and technical, these tracks are, with the same early bursting aggression, contempt and added killer interlude solo’s. Pushing outword even more intense vocals than “To Gaius” yet a little less of the percussionist fury, this is a magnificent addition as bonus track material. Praiseth Judas!

Supreme Blazing Martyr Worship!

By V. for The Element Order.


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