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From bleak and funeral emptiness comes forth SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Do you feel this rotten stench from beyond the grave? This suffocating, blinding and devouring stench of desolation and death.... It surrounds you and gets through you, infecting your soul with ancient fear and bloodfreezing terror. Where graves burst wide open and legions of the dead arise and prowl the earth in their morbid lust for FLESH, where endless horizons are flooded with blood and gore, where you can no longer distinguish life from death or day from night, stands SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Drawing influences from the most ancient of Death Metal Cults and the darkest of Black Metal Hordes, they represent the malevolent force of real Death Metal; wicked and grim, atrocious and painful. OUT NOW! Officially presented on 06.03.09.

Line up & recording information

Recorded and mixed by Christer Lindbladh at Evil Grill studios during June/July in 2008. Produced by SADISTIC GRIMNESS and Christer Lindbladh. Mastered at Tonteknik in Umea by Pelle Henricsson in October of 2008. All material by SADISTIC GRIMNESS. Layout and artwork by Genocidehar.

The disciples on this recording:

DD Executioner - Vokills
C. Carnivore – Strings
R. Fleshripper - Bass
J. Demiser – Drums & Strings

Sadistic Grimness - Asteni




1. Intro
2. Incongruity
3. The Birth
4. Lieath
5. Razormania
6. Pulsating Darkness
7. Asteni
8. Lower The Casket
9. Rotting In Solitude
10. Flames Of Desolation
11. Spiritual Serenity


Sadistic Grimness - Asteni - 95%

Sadistic Grimness, hailing from Sweden, is certainly a force to reckon with! With their aggressive, violent yet creepy blend of Black and Death Metal, they manage to produce some of the best tunes from the nowadays' Sweden. And while "Vicious Torture" was a great warmer for the band, "Asteni" is a true manifestation of their violent talent and skills!

First of all, "Asteni" certainly differs a lot from what they released before. But it's not a bad thing at all! I'd label this as Blackened Death Metal, associations would be Arkhon Infaustus, Vorkreist and, perhaps, Autopsy. Raw yet clean sound, riffs delivered with violent perfection, fantastic drumming and sick vocals! You can easily hear every note, but the production still retains some Old School quality to it, resulting in anhonest underground feeling to the whole product. Grim melodies, sometimes reminding of the band's somewhat Black Metal past, are perfectly combined with overall Death Metal approach, and it certainly brings Arkhon Infaustus in mind sometimes. But it is just an association, the band still has it's own sound and direction. Yes, sometimes it is very DARK, I mean really DARK and even creepy. It's like your blood freezes under your skin and millions of chills run down your spine. It is amazing. Standout tracks for me would be "Razormania" and "Spiritual Serenity". Starting with an eerie industrial sample, "Razormania" features some of the darkest riffs here! Great vocals, great lyrics and great composition make this song a perfect taster for the whole album. Myself I really enjoy the samples of razors clashing right before the chorus starts, it adds a lot to this song. "Spiritual Serenity" features a variety of tempos, from very slow to violent blastbeats, and what I would certainly note here - is clean and audible bass. What is more, it sounds downright amazing, making it essential here, which is very rare today.

Overall, I'd recommend this album to those, who enjoy abovementioned Arkhon Infaustus, Vorkreist and Autopsy, as well as Old School Death Metal (Asphyx, Pentacle, early Malevolent Creation and Dead Congregation) & today's Swedish Extreme Scene in general (like Repugnant and Kaamos). Also, I'd like to note, that this band features members of such bands, as Diabolicum and Kill, among others. This CD is certainly worth purchasing, you won't be disappointed. Definitely a killer album!

Written by unkreation on May 27th, 2009 for Metal Archives.


A review from Funeral March:

Sadistic Grimness - Asteni
11 tracks, 42:43
Daemon Worship Productions

Sadistic Grimness has been around since 2000 and this is their second full length album. It is thrashed up black metal with some touches of death metal. A delicious combination for me! This is the ultimate combination of fast, blackened thrash violence combined with some slower parts of pure darkness. It is like to get a punch in the face at the beginning of track one and then at the end of the last track you leave with a bunch of bruises and a taste of blood in the mouth. In other words; this album is great from the start to the end! The sound is great, it is really thick and feels very solid, but it is at the same time rather raw and filthy. A very nice combination! The performance is flawless, it is all very well done, the songs are excellent and I really like that it is one with Swedish lyrics (Asteni).

This is a record I really recommend, I have listened to this a couple of times now and it want stop here, it is great!

Written by O.O of Funeral March 'zine.


Sadistic Grimness - Asteni
Daemon Worship Productions

This Swedish band was, until this month, an unknown outfit to me, for I never heard from Sadistic Grimness before. Now let us continue with Sadistic Grimness second assault. What is heard here is a decent CD filled with blackend oldschool death metal with traditional underground sauce. Delicious, and fair! The vocalist, who sometimes sounds reminiscent to Steffen Simestad (Gehenna), doesn’t sound dynamic in this production. Nevertheless I played ‘Asteni’ almost the entire week. Sure, this is not innovative death / black metal, but I don’t care it isn’t!

Sadistic Grimness incorporates only tiny pieces of black metal in their sound, but they manage to let it work to the maximum! I wonder what this band would sound like if they add some more black in their blackend death metal, maybe some masterpiece could be created then. On this release, the sound, atmosphere and brutality work well together. The black metal influences add a chilly atmosphere and extra dimension to the CD. The raw production, which ensures that there is nothing to miss, fits very well with the atmosphere, style and straightforward attitude that this band has! The guitar work contains primitive Scandinavian and Morbid Angel-like riffs, and that sounds quite obscure.

For lovers of oldschool Death / Thrash / Black, definitely worth a listen!

Rating: 83/100

By Atwater for Lords Of Metal 'zine.



Swedish Sadistic Grimness's Asteni brings us familiar Swedish Black/Death with a thrashy vibe, yet with a sound that reminds me of old Hypocrisy. A lot of tracks varying with up-tempo bursting attitude and lots of darkness to boot, mixed with inner track(s) mid- and down-tempo pieces where some difference in the vocal lines appears as well. Vocals ranging from brutal grunting to dark and deep spoken build ups for yet another fierce chorusline or down-tempo based leader. Most of these tracks are bound together with some atsmospheric slow guitars and/or even some more eccetric ambient sounds divised such as in the Intro track as well as at the start of tracks such as "Razormania" and title track "Asteni". Also at the end of tracks such as "Lower the Casket" and "Spiritual Serenity" these ambients are used well into the ending. The Structure of the songs and orchestration does get a bit monotonous after a while. There is a good attempt at variation, but most of the snaring rythm guitarriffs do not stand out from one another all too much. Therefor the mid- and down-tempo variation these guys used and divided accordingly along this release, together with the variation on drums and some experimental vocals here and there are welcome.

Written by V. of The Elemental Order. [grammar slightly corrected]



Death Metal over the yrs as taken turns into Black metal, Doom metal and then even into electronic or Industrial elements. This is were Sadistic Grimness is my friends. This band likes to had experimental and machine like elements into the sounds that come forth from a wall of guitars, buzzsaw of Bass and Man machine of a drummer. This reminds me a lot of Where bands like Septic Flesh and Samael have taken there sound even to a lesser extent Rotting Christ. There is sometime very unnerving and just still wanting me to dig in deeper for more. Its like a Roller Coaster you ride it to scare the shit out of you. You have to like the unsettling tones to like a band like this and you know what I do. You can just feel the Hate in this music and in the essence of it all that is where great death metal comes from...

Written by Absolute Zero Media.


Sadistic Grimness
Daemon Worship Productions 2009

Avoiding any similarities to the "traditional" Swedish style of death metal, Sadistic Grimness strikes hard with a barrage of brutal underground death metal that strikes similarities to the American scene.  After a quick, electronic introduction, Incongruity bashes down the door with thrashing death metal riffs and a hard as nails sound that strikes a parallel with some Morbid Angel though thrashier to a degree and with some black metal breaks.  Spraying snare drum hits and precision guitar licks all living flesh is charred beyond recognition.  The Birth continues the assault with a thrashing rhythm buried amidst underground death metal morbidity and periodic bouts of black metal atmosphereism and merciless blast beats.  Lieath really gets violent as it belches forth a torrent of hyper death metal with a lean towards explosions of intense drumming and lulls of fat, lethargic rhythms.  One of the few times Swedish riffing appears is during Pulsating Darkness as can be detected by that near melodic opening riff and the dark lead that dwells within the song's innards like a parasite.  Autopsy references are resurrected in the doomy, festering bowels of the track.  Those same Autopsy influences claw their way to the surface throughout the title track creating a mood of dread.  However Flames of Desolation charges full force from the start like a demonic and bastardized Slayer offspring weaned on Swedish death and black metal.  Sadistic Grimness' second album is a bit chaotic, stylewise at times and I feel bruised and deadened somewhat by the album's end as it is a little too much of a mish-mash of genres.  With that being said, it is brutal, authentic and definitely lethal in its execution.  

By Brad Smith of Nocturnal Cult Webzine.


Sadistic Grimness
Daemon Worship Productions

This is some good ol’ fuckin’ snarly, bad-ass, hell-dwelling death metal: a fine balance between evil, lurking atmospherics, old-time Swedish mid-paced riffage and all-out blasting madness. There are elements of modern Swedish black metal ala Craft / Ofermod that add a nice touch –a touch being all there is, say, not more than 20% of the sound. The mid-section of the album drifts into darker waters, an inspired move after the early ascension of brutality, whilst the many tempo changes executed with utter precision leave me entirely convinced of this band’s prowess… Time has gone into these songs, and it’s paid off.

Cormac O'Síocháin for Zero Tolerance.


(Daemon Worship Productions)

Although the band name and photos may suggest an under-produced raw Black Metal sound, Sadistic Grimness in fact offer well-produced, blackened Death Metal. One of the first things I noticed about the great sound was the audible bass guitar which is usually absent on Death and Black Metal recordings. The band displays technical prowess with clear drumming, crunchy guitars and singer with a wide range of growls and rasps. I immediately hear influences such as Dissection, Hypocrisy and even Possessed as the cacophony blasts from my speakers. There’s nothing too original here but it doesn’t matter. This disc is killer!

Jesse Light for Voices from the Darkside.


Sadistic Grimness - Asteni 2009 (9/10) [in Romanian]

carele este un black/death suedez de ma gandeam la Arkhon Infaustus, pana cand mi-am dat seama ca nu sunt chiar aiuritor aiurit. Cre'ca-i fac si un topic, ca e prea bestial albumul. Si a, ce e de notat la mnealui, la album... un bass iesit acerb in fata (bine, nu intru estomparea celorlalte instrumente), incat ma gandesc ca pe un sistem ca lumea imi falfaie coarda cu coarda in stomac. E de 8 spre 9, adica chiar 9, daca stau sa ma gandesc si il recomand fierbinte...

By Count Raven of Metalhead.ro.


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